The National Farmers Bank, Owatonna, Minnesota

Built 1907-1908, Louis Sullivan, Architect


The Bank as seen From the Park
A Closer view of the Bank
Close up of a corner cartouche
Close up of a glazed terra-cotta tile and "B" crest from the attached office Building
Close up of a window pilaster from the office building
Detail of the glazed terra-cotta and tile band
The effect of Sunlight through the Stained Glass
Detail of interior arches
Original Sign for the Bank President's Office
Detail of interior stained glass
Detail of interior lights (Note that they match the bank exterior)
Detail of interior terra-cotta band over the entrance
The South stained Glass wall
Electrolier and Portion of Skylight

Pictures taken from: Millett, Larry, The Curve of the Arch, Minnesota Historical Society Press, St. Paul, 1985; ISBN:0-87351-181-6

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